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Fishing in the open sea is our main activity. Our fishing boats, equipped with the latest technology machinery, are catching, freezing and conserving fish, octopus and shrimps.

The time between the catch and the freezing is minimum and as a result the quality of our products is excellent. On board freezing tunnels are freezing the catches at -40° Celcius  just after their catch.

When a boat enters the port, the catches packaged in 25 kilograms packets, are directly loaded in containers that keeps the temperature of the products at -20°Celcius and carried  to their destination.

Repackaging is done in our land facilities, on client demand, to obtain packages appropriate for the final consumer.

Our clients are wholesalers, supermarkets and shops that deal with high quality frozen products.

67, Papastratou Str.,18545, Piraeus, Greece. Tel. +30 210 4619802, Fax +30 210 4619923